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Portable Induction Cooktop

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  • WELCOME TO INDUCTION COOKING - This electric cooktop is your portable stove. It's compact and lightweight enabling you to take this electric burner beyond the top of your counter allowing you to cook almost anywhere
  • SIX USER MODES - Enjoy cooking on your terms with these modes. Choose from Fry Mode, Boil Mode, or Simmer depending on your needs. Control your cooking experience with Boost Mode, Warm Mode and a Timer.
  • TEN HEATING LEVELS - This induction hot plate is a power cooker. A power you control. Set the heat wattage from Level 1 (120W) to Level 10 (1500W) simply from the touch of the induction burner controls
  • DIGITAL LCD ONE-TOUCH CONTROL PANEL - Manage this portable induction stove easily with just the tip of your finger. Features a child safety lock system for the maximum in kids safety
  • FOR USE WITH COMPATIBLE MAGNETIC INDUCTION COOKWARE - This electric cooktop works with induction ready cookware such as cast iron or steel pots pans or plates. Also works with stainless steel cookware with a magnetic bottom

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cooking in the future

We thought we were getting a hot plat; instead we have this marvelous device that boils water faster than our electric kettle.
The only downside: our copper and aluminum clad cookwear will not work on inducion cookers. Make sure you have cookwear that attracts a magnet.