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  • SPACE SAVING COMPACT REFRIGERATOR - This single door electric mini fridge with 18.5 x 17.7 x 33.9 inches measurement and 3.3 cubic feet capacity is perfectly sized to keep your favorite beverage cool while taking up minimal space in your college dorm, RV, apartment, garage, or office

  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL - By turning the thermostat knob, our refrigerator can be adjusted to three temperature modes: Max, Med, or Min. The Med and Max modes are used to freeze ice inside the freezing chamber. While on Med mode, the temperature inside the refrigerating chamber is around 33 to 35°F

  • FOOD STORAGE with a FUN & STYLISH FINISH - This machine is designed with a sleek black exterior that adds a classy touch to any room in your home or office. It features a single door with a unique design that allows you to write and erase notes on the front, letting you personalize it your way

  • REVERSIBLE DOOR with REMARKABLE STORAGE - This unit is designed with a roomy interior to store your extra food and beverages in an organized way. Its reversible door offers a spot for your favorite canned beverages, as well as a compartment that can hold a liter of soda or a bottle of wine

  • 3 REMOVABLE GLASS SHELVES INCLUDED - Our freestanding mini-fridge comes complete with removable glass shelves that can be adjusted if you want to tuck something a little taller in the fridge. This fridge is also equipped with a removable drain tray to catch drips from the freezer when you defrost it.

Customer Reviews

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Closing door sounds like a cry crying dog

I ordered this cooler 8 months ago. The door suddenly began to make a super loud noise that sounds like a dog screaming .. the door crying sometimes does not remain closed. Now I'm having to pout something in front of the door so closed otherwise leak water all over my hardwood floors. I'll have to replace this time. Everyone in my house of 4,000 square feet. You hear me open the refrigerator door of my office. I have to make sure that the door of my office is closed in the early hours otherwise I wake up my whole neighborhood because the door of the hunting dog Sceaming crying !!!

a lot of wonderful addition inside the room

We needed this with all the additional purchase because Covid viruses have not enough room for my mom drinks, juices and desserts it sits on our desk and given us so much space in the refrigerator we love and beautiful

It looks great, works great.

fast delivery and just what we need. Use in the bedroom to help a victim recovery. Perfect for our use.

Stop working out of nowhere.

It stopped working shortly after I got it. It worked well at the beginning, then dead chance.

it's okay

lower than expected not much storage space, but it's great for a college kid

Great choice all around and the awesome customer service

The fridge itself works very well. No bells and whistles and that good. Probably the best thing though is the service to the customer. I had a problem with the first sent and immediately corrected and was well above.

Satisfied customers


One of my best buys

An incredible, affordable and lightweight quality. Nothing cools down very quickly.


It works great

Not much less space available

There was not much less space is available because of the way it is designed. It is the only area for tall items, and not much wider space down there knew well, and the only place, besides the door for tall items.