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Portable Induction Cooktop

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  • WELCOME TO INDUCTION COOKING - This electric cooktop is your portable stove. It's compact and lightweight enabling you to take this electric burner beyond the top of your counter allowing you to cook almost anywhere
  • SIX USER MODES - Enjoy cooking on your terms with these modes. Choose from Fry Mode, Boil Mode, or Simmer depending on your needs. Control your cooking experience with Boost Mode, Warm Mode and a Timer.
  • TEN HEATING LEVELS - This induction hot plate is a power cooker. A power you control. Set the heat wattage from Level 1 (120W) to Level 10 (1500W) simply from the touch of the induction burner controls
  • DIGITAL LCD ONE-TOUCH CONTROL PANEL - Manage this portable induction stove easily with just the tip of your finger. Features a child safety lock system for the maximum in kids safety
  • FOR USE WITH COMPATIBLE MAGNETIC INDUCTION COOKWARE - This electric cooktop works with induction ready cookware such as cast iron or steel pots pans or plates. Also works with stainless steel cookware with a magnetic bottom

Customer Reviews

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Best Induction Cooktop in the market.

I've tried numerous induction cooktops in the past. Some make faint noises while running while others under perform. This units design is sleek , has an amazing user interference & works fast and reliably for what I need.

Amazing product

I have been a consumer product designer most of my life and the Home induction cook-plate is as good as it gets. Great quality with a great interface. I absolutely LOVE it. Before it arrived I purchased a stainless steel Moka pot espresso maker compatible with induction. Each morning I have the added benefit of great espresso. So easy, so perfect.

We’ve always been curious about Induction Cooking.

Your discount offer was to good not to pass up. After purchasing your 50 gallon dehumidifier and being very pleased with it’s overall performance we felt your Portable Cooktop would be the perfect opportunity to give Induction cooking it a try. So far 'Sooo Good’. Still trying different cooking methods and getting familiar with all the controls incorporated in your cooktop.

cooking in the future

We thought we were getting a hot plat; instead we have this marvelous device that boils water faster than our electric kettle.
The only downside: our copper and aluminum clad cookwear will not work on inducion cookers. Make sure you have cookwear that attracts a magnet.