High-End Dual-Zone Wine Cooler - 43 Bottles Capacity
High-End Dual-Zone Wine Cooler - 43 Bottles Capacity
High-End Dual-Zone Wine Cooler - 43 Bottles Capacity
High-End Dual-Zone Wine Cooler - 43 Bottles Capacity
High-End Dual-Zone Wine Cooler - 43 Bottles Capacity
High-End Dual-Zone Wine Cooler - 43 Bottles Capacity
High-End Dual-Zone Wine Cooler - 43 Bottles Capacity
High-End Dual-Zone Wine Cooler - 43 Bottles Capacity
High-End Dual-Zone Wine Cooler - 43 Bottles Capacity

High-End Dual-Zone Wine Cooler - 43 Bottles Capacity

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  • 43 BOTTLE MINI WINE COOLER -  This 23.4 x 25.2 x 34.4 inches electric wine cellar has enough space to store and chill up to 43 standard bottles of red wine, white wine, and rose wine or other beverage such as canned beer and champagne. Oversized bottles may have an impact on the number of bottle storage in the wine cabinet.
  • DUAL-ZONE OPERATION - Smartly designed with upper and lower zone temperatures for you to store a variety of wines at their perfect storing or serving temperature. The upper zone ranges from 41°F to 57°F and the lower zone from 50°F to 64°F. The cooler will start to work 30 seconds after the temperature settings are finished.
  • DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL PANEL - Setting, viewing, and maintaining your temperature level is easy. You can increase or decrease the temperature by just simply pressing the button. You can turn on or off its white LED light by pressing the light button, as well as the standby button and conversion button. Also, it displays the upper and lower zone temperature. 
  • REVERSIBLE DOOR - Built from high-grade stainless steel with double-layered tempered glass that can block UV light, this cooler comes with a remarkable unique feature where you can choose whether the door swings left or right. Additionally, it’s equipped with a removable beech wood wine rack. This compact freestanding wine cooler will perfectly fit anywhere and will perfectly accent your home, office, or bar.
  • CHILD SAFETY DOOR LOCK - This small wine fridge comes with built-in lock and keys for the safety of your children, to prevent them from being trapped inside, likewise you do not have to worry about who is intruding on your favorite wine. It also has a door beeper that will alarm you when the door is left open for two or more minutes.

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good value

The wine refrigerator seems to work well. Disappointed that there is some damage to the door frame, although no damage package and was well protected. It part of a new addition to the kitchen, so it is remarkable.

It does not work

No matter what I press buttons, unplug it, etc, etc I still have nothing to show on the screen.


All good only comes with many dental

We almost arrive. Still like my purchase. Large shelves!

It seems that a decent fridge. Time will tell ultimately the quality of the actual components. I would say that my primary irritation is controlling forces divided temperature warmer temperatures at the bottom of the refrigerator. That it does not make any sense! Hot air rises, which means that the fridge is not really the temperature division or the current design makes the compressor work harder as the hot air rises in the "cold" upper compartment. The degree thing 4 is error free as well. It could be better.

Paul McCartney would love this.

Love it. Die Even playing live or let when it opens!

Best Wine Cooler IA € ™ I possessed!

Perfect fit in my garage! 2 thermostats love zone. It arrived quickly and smoothly Shipping! The storage shelves sofa make the wine selection a breeze!

dual zone

Dual zone works better than the others I've had. Very good wine fridge for money.


Absolutely wonderfull! Now we are avid drinkers of wine and champagne, we wanted to enjoy them as is due to the correct temperature. Ita € ™ s quiet and elegant, and does its job! A +

Especially as advertised

I gave this product a 4 star rating, but I really want to be 4.75. There are only 2 problems I had with this product which one is not the fault of manufacture. I attached two pictures to show the damage that the product had in shipping. The right rear corner saw depleted. It did not look good but also does not affect the quality of the product, it was only cosmetic. A note to the margin; couch drawers come within the unit when sending and one hit loose. I had to unscrew a piece to adjust back to normal, but there was no visible damage or defect evident with drawers after I adjusted the drawer out of place. Wine cooler packed in a lot of Styrofoam and plastic so it should not have been any damage to the unit, unless handled roughly (incorrectly) during the shipping process. I do not blame the manufacturers for this as it seems to have occurred during transportation, which made some different stops along the way to its final destination. The box has even some damage to the exterior where the dent occurred in the second question unit.The I had with the product is twice cooling zone. It is advertised as a separate from the other room. NAMELY. You should be able to establish a zone at a temperature and another area to a completely different temperature within the range of the product advertised. This is not the case. If a set of areas more than 5 degrees outside the other area both be adjusted. In other words, you can have a much colder warmer than the other zone or. If you want to store white to a cooler temperature much more than their red you can not do that with this refrigerator. I have not seen that advertise with the product, says only 41-57 for the top and 50-64 for the lower area. At first glance that something was wrong with my unit but not stated in the manual, in fact, can not be established each area of ‚Äã‚Äãmore than 5 degrees outside a another.Other of those 2 numbers the product is great. It is fairly quiet and does not give off much waste heat. I live in the Seattle area in an apartment without air conditioning. During the summer it comes to my place of top 80 and the unit has been very good. However, most of the year the weather is not an issue here so my unit does not have to run at full power to maintain the desired temperature. If you live in a particularly warm place your unit may have to outrun causes more heat and noise. I'm starting out the collection of wine and this unit fits my needs. It is a good size and the price was about $ 100-200 less than products of similar size. Looks very good, not very cheap and wooden crates are a nice touch. It is expected that lasts until I have to upgrade.

Love dual-zone capabilities.

I just finished my garage and wanted to add a cooler of drinks, but my wife wanted more space for our wine as wine fridge in the kitchen is small. So, we reached an agreement and bought a wine fridge! Luckily for me this has dual areas so you can keep your wine in a section at a temperature warmer and my black beer and other specialty beers colder at 41 *. I had to remove some racks to put my beer standing but it works perfect. Good looks and lock fridge is a nice touch too. Definitely worth the IMO.