Globally, we lose $990 billion each year as the results of wasted food.

With 32% of all food produced going uneaten, spoiled, or wasted, it's time to change how we see food storage.

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A food storage device that increases the shelf life of food.


By carefully controlling the atmosphere in the device, the bacteria and ethylene gas that cause food to spoil are eliminated, increasing the shelf life of food by 5 times compared to storage in a refrigerator. Reducing your food waste means savings of up to $1,200 per year and a device that pays for itself.

5 times

Extend food shelf life by 5X

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Savings up to $1,200


No Plastic Bags.
No Mess.
No Artifical Preservers or Chemicals.

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Oxidation is one of the dominant causes of food spoilage. This chemical process, fueled by oxygen, produces undesirable changes in color and flavor when air reacts with food. Furthermore, aerobic bacteria and pests thrive in oxygen-rich environments. Reducing the oxygen content of the container stops oxidation, pests, and bacteria, and keeps your food as fresh as the day you bought it.

In the past, oxygen content has been minimized through vacuum sealing, but this is not a perfect solution. It can damage certain foods and is cumbersome to use. This is why we approached controlling the food storage environment differently. We do this in two ways:

Removing and replacing the oxygen in the environment

Inert gases are already in the air we breath and do not react negatively with food. We maintain a natural environment by replacing the oxygen in the compartment with these gases.

Removing ethylene gas from the environment.

Ethylene gas contributes to rapid ripening and spoilage of many fresh fruits and vegetables. Canopy removes ethylene gas from the environment, ensuring longer-lasting produce.

Change How You See Food Storage

Canopy has two separate compartments. Each compartment is a separate environment to suit the needs of your food.



Two Controlled Environments

hOmeLabs' patent-pending technology controls each compartment independently, creating the two distinct food storage environments. In each of these compartments, the lifespan of your food is greatly expanded by eliminating oxygen and ethylene gas.


Designed with Efficiency in Mind

Canopy learns your usage habits, allowing it to operate at maximum efficiency. Plus, it is designed with transparent compartments that allow you to see what's inside without opening the doors. This results in energy savings of 30% compared to a similarly-sized refrigerator.


Easy to Use

A dry compartment for cereals, breads, and grains and the other slightly more humid for your fruits and vegetables. Simply place your goods in and it’ll do the rest.


Substantially Increase The Shelf Life of Your Food

Canopy works best with grains, dry goods, fruits, and produce. It will increase the life of these goods by 5X compared to storage in a normal refrigerator, all while costing less than a dime per day to operate. This results in savings of up to $1,200 per family per year, and a device that pays for itself after only two months.

Food Preservation has not been disrupted since 1945, Until Now.

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