front preview of dehumidifier
22 Pint Dehumidifier
22 Pint Dehumidifier
22 Pint Dehumidifier
Energy star dehumidifier fits with wall
with wheels for moving
upto 50 pint
with removable water tank
with water level indicator

22 Pint Dehumidifier

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Modern, practical, and convenient – this Amazon bestseller is the answer to the perfect level of humidity. High levels of moisture are the ideal environment for allergens and allergy triggers such as dust mites, mold, or mildew. Now you can easily get rid of them with this moisture-removing beast.

With a 0.8-gallon water tank capacity, it effectively removes up to 22 pints of water per day, depending on moisture levels and the size of the room, without increasing your energy bill. This dehumidifier is ideal for rooms of up to 1,500 square feet.

Designed with the modern home in mind, it showcases a sleek, minimal shape with a contemporary vibe. With smart built-in wheels and a handle, you can easily move it around your house, depending on your current needs. The best thing is, it operates super quietly and won’t disturb you during your work or leisure time.

It features 2 operating ways: the continuous 24-hour cycle which will automatically shut off when the tank is full or using a drain hose outlet for continuous draining.

  • 2 x 10 x 19.7 inches
  • 0.8 gallon Water Tank Capacity
  • Drain Hose Not Included
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Return or Exchange Within 30 Days

Customer Reviews

Based on 509 reviews
Mariyn Calvin
Great invention

I’m very pleased with this product. The amount of water that it removes from the air in my home is unbelievable. I no longer
have to put up with all that sticky moisture in my home. It’s amazing,

22 Pint Dehumidifier

Purchased this size dehumidifier for our recently finished half-basement. I looked specifically for the feature of auto-shut off when the tank was full because I don't have a drain. It's quiet and easy to program. I've emptied the tank twice in two days. The auto-shut off works perfectly.

Good but for the [fixed] the wheels!

This unit drains water with gravity. I wanted to place it on a high desk or on the bathroom counter so that the waters drains on its own---with gravity. But I have to remove the wheels so that it sits on a height without moving and falling from a height.. Any help to remove the wheels?

Great deal!

Dehumidifier works great! Best price in town.

Rachael Santarsiero
Humidifier Works great

Unit is quiet and works very well. Like the RH display.

Wayne Komulainen

22 Pint Dehumidifier

Elena Gavrilov
Love it

I'm so happy to own and use my new dehumidifier. It runs all the time, easy to use and maneuver from room to room. It is a little heavy when I pick it up to take it up or down the stairs. We are pumping around three gallons of water in 24 hours, the weather outside has been very wet. The lowest humidity in our closet and bedrooms has been around 45. I would like it a little lower, but when I move the machine to a different location, the humidity raises back up. I feel we are more protected from the mold appearing, so I'm happy to own this machine.

Scott Scott
Great dehumidifier

Looks great. Works great and has great features at a fair price. Shipped timely and arrived in good condition.

B. R
dehumidified efficiently

This is a wonderful dehumidifier. It's a bit noisy, but no noisier than an oscillating fan. a great job of removing moisture from the air is. It is automatically cut off when the tank is full. Placed in a laminate floor hall, just in case it was dripping. I would not put on the carpet. I empty the water collected in the back of my toilet to save on your water bill! We live in southeastern North Carolina in the, where it is very humid in the summer. But I bought it in the winter, when we had a very rainy spell. I emptied 5x over a period of 24 hours to begin. Well, it made my home feels more comfortable on the Elimination of all that water from the air! I'm looking forward to using this summer to hopefully cut down on my bill for air conditioning.

Does what it is supposed to

This is the second dehumidifier that had recently acquired. The first one just did not pull moisture from the atmosphere enough. This unit performs beautifully. I use it in my room to help with a chronic cough, and pull down the humidity of 55% to 45% in just a few hours.The sound is roughly equivalent to a furnace or air conditioning unit. Settings have a "silent mode", which is closer to a table fan on high.