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Sunrise Digital LED Alarm Clock

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Rise up bright and early with this marvelous alarm clock. A softer alternative to the sudden and intense-sounding alarms, this clock uses carefully chosen gentle lights and sounds to ease up the waking up process. Because how you start your day really does matter.

Now you can be woken up with the relaxing sounds of the ocean or lively bird sounds, along with a gradually increasing light that starts 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. Or go to bed with the sunset stimulation that smoothly dims the room as you drift off to sleep.

It features a vibrant design with 8 emitting colors that can double as a table or bedside lamp during your non-sleep time. When you’re in the mood for a relaxing playlist or catching up with recent events, tune in to the FM radio and set your preferred station.

It’s completed with a 12 or 24-hour time display, 3 brightness options, and an easy-to-use snooze button that turns off the sounds and lights for 5 minutes.

  • 4 x 7 x 4.1 inches
  • 8 Color Light Options
  • 3 Brightness Levels
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Return or Exchange Within 30 Days

Customer Reviews

Based on 2066 reviews
Bobby Arechiga
Sunrise clock

Quite an amazing alarm clock.
I like how all the lighting functions can be customized to my liking, as well as the alarm music.
A great bargain for all that is included.

Truly 5 stars!!!!!

Nathaniel Yard
Light Programming Great Sound Lacking

For what it costs this alarm is great, the programming is easy to figure out, it’s fantastic for dark rooms and falling asleep and waking up. The only issue I have is with the sound quality, even being able to hook up your own sounds would be great addition over the low quality almost MIDI sounding files that there are available. It basically made me use a phone alongside this for waking up which is fine, but a little annoying. If you aren’t as picky about sound quality I recommend highly and even if you are it’s still a great product that comes with anything else you’d need for sleep in windowless rooms at an amazing price.

Ashley Chase

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Rachel Green
A great purchase!

A great purchase, would definitely recommend to others

Torie M
I says I says in a time when the sun is rising

This is a great alarm clock that would never do for a watch like this in any other part

Bob B
Attractive, but primitive

This smart watch lacks the alarm function times a day set. You either have the alarm at a specific time or have to close down alarm. unfortunate oversight.

Guilermo C
They should have been brought earlier

But you could not possibly allow earlier

nice alarm clock!

I like the clock, love color, it is bright and has good choices for alarm sounds. I'm not sure how I still feel a whole has been two days

moore f
They wake up on time !!!!

My kids love to listen to the radio all the time and always wake up in the current time

It's not what IA € ™ m looking for ....

Well, itâ € ™ s definitely was not what I expected ...... The comments were accurate you need the manual because the buttons donates € ™ t made entirely sense.Itâ € ™ s very noisy even in the lowest position if the alarm are used or Radio.My big complaint is ita € ™ s not very bright, like itâ € ™ s not something that will brighten your room. Itâ € ™ s more like just enough to see the ground for walking around the room to turn on the light.I was trying to get a sleep routine non-stimulant (avoiding the brightness on my phone and sounds like alarms), who was hoping it was bright enough to read before bed and use the timer to get some sleep habits .. but itâ € ™ s not so bright enough to be able to read before bed.Function making it up. .... hmmm IA € ™ m my experience without the sound function ... unless 1) light and responsive to the minimum light sleep, and itâ € ™ s just to the side of the head on his bed and pointed as a sign right off the bat on his face .. .. ita € ™ s not going to work.Itâ € ™ s more like put it somewhere and creates a glow wall .... so glad IA € ™ also it has colors .... but now hopefully dona € ™ t want to see the clock.